Meeting Functionaries
Arrives at least 15 minutes early to welcome members, identify and welcome guests, help guests sign-in for breakfast and pick-up evaluation forms and ballots, notify the Sergeant at Arms and VP of Membership of guest names, pair guests with experienced members, remind members to wear their name tags.
Sergeant at Arms
The Sergeant at Arms is an elected position in the Club. This person and/or the Corporal at Arms (assistant) regularly ensure that the room is arranged properly. The Sergeant at Arms opens the meeting, introduces the Word of Inspiration/Pledge Master, introduces the Joke Master, introduces guests and turns the meeting over to the Club President. He or she also sets up the platform for each speaker as requested.
Invocation and Pledge
The person who leads the Invocations offers a non-denominational word of encouragement to start the day. This should be treated as a short speech (no more than 1 minute) with a beginning, middle, and end. He or she then invites the group to face the flag and recites the Pledge beginning, I Pledge allegiance...
Ballot Counter
Tool: Ballot Basket, Ballots
As Ballot Counter, the functionary circulates around the room three times (after Table Topic, after the prepared speeches, and after the evaluations) to collect the ballots in the wicker basket and counts them. The Ballot Counter delivers the final results to the Toastmaster before or during the functionary reports by the General Evaluator. The Ballot Counter also complies and returns the written evaluations to the speakers. (It helps to invite someone sitting next to you to collate the evaluations while you handle the vote tally.) You will also collect the breakfast chips and return them to their container.
Joke Master
The Joke Master enlivens the meeting with an appropriate joke to start the day. (Please note that Toastmasters has a Harassment Policy, which forbids any jokes that would be considered disrespectful or offensive. Choose a joke that you would feel comfortable telling a total stranger who might be thinking about joining our club.)
The Club President oversees the meeting, welcomes guests, invites Officer Reports, makes announcements, handles new business, etc. The President then introduces the Toastmaster who runs the rest of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the President re-joins the Toastmaster to distribute the weekly awards, and then invites guest comments, success stories (time permitting) and the final words of wisdom. The President adjourns the meeting.
The Toastmaster is the emcee for the meeting. The Toastmaster sets the tone and energy for the meeting, introduce functionaries and speakers and forms a bridge between the various parts of the meeting. See the Toastmaster Worksheet for details.
Late Announcer
Promptness is a sign of respect for fellow members, so we treat on-time arrivals seriously. The Late Announcer watches the door and identifies those members who arrive after the Timer has sounded the start bell. At the end of the meeting the Late Announcer identifies those who arrived late and fines them 50 cents.
Cliche Counter
Tool: Desk Bell
To encourage speakers to make more interesting word choices, the Cliche Counter listens for and records cliches, trite and overused phrases and inappropriate pregnant pauses. When you hear the bell, it means you have been caught by the cliche counter and owe a 5 cent fine.
Ah Counter
Tool: Clicker or Marbles in Coffee Can
To help speakers become aware of the times they are using inappropriate verbal fillers, the Ah Counter drops a marble into a coffee can each time he or she hears the speaker use an uhm, ah, or other non-word to fill space or connect thoughts. Infractions are recorded and fined 5 cents each.
The Grammarian listens for and records grammatical errors and reports these at the end of the meeting. Each infraction earns a 5 cent fine.
Word of the Day
The Word Master presents a new or little known word for us to learn. Participants in Table Topics must use the word of the day in order to qualify for the Best Table Topics Award. All other members are encouraged to use this word at other appropriate times during the meeting. This serves to increase everybody's vocabulary. At the end of Table Topics, the Word Master reports on the participant's use of the Word of the Day.
Tools: Timing Lights, Stop Watch and Timing Info Sheet
Toastmaster meetings are carefully planned to fit specific time periods. The Timer keeps the meeting flowing and on time. The timer provides visual signs to speakers and functionaries regarding their allotted time. Green means you have spoken the minimum time you requested, yellow means you are nearing the end, and when you see the Red, you have 30 seconds to complete your speech. If you hear the timing bell, it means you have gone over your 30 second cushion of time and are disqualified from receiving Best Speaker or Best Table Topics awards, but you are still eligible for Most Improved Speaker if this is not your Icebreaker Speech. NOTE: The speaker QUALIFIES 30 seconds before the requested minimum and over the requested maximum. For example, in a 5-7 minute speech, the speaker qualifies at 4:30 seconds and is disqualified if he or she goes over 7:30 seconds. This reflects the 30 under/30 over cushion of time used in contest speeches.
General Evaluator
The General Evaluator introduces the evaluation team members. After the formal evaluation, the GE calls for functionary reports, evaluates the evaluators and provides an overall meeting evaluation.
Table Topics Master
The Table Topics Master helps members increase their impromptu speaking skills by asking them to speak for one to two minutes about a surprise topic. Extemporaneous speaking skills are extremely valuable in the business world. The Table Topics Master picks a theme for the week and then prepares about 15 questions related to the theme to ask participants. The questions should be short enough to allow a significant number of members to participate in Table Topics.
Tool: Speaker Workbook and Speaker Introduction Form
Speakers present prepared speeches. Toastmasters International's Basic Communication and Leadership Manual provides structure and guidance for the member's first 10 speeches and focuses on such skills as speech organization, vocabulary, vocal variety, and body language. Fifteen advanced manuals are available for those who have completed the Basic Communication and Leadership Manual.
Tool: Manual with Evaluation Form, Speaker Evaluation Forms (For All Participants)
Evaluators provide constructive feedback in oral and written form both on what the speaker did well and opportunities for improvement. Please be as specific as possible (i.e. You provided excellent word pictures vs. It was great) Evaluations are highly encouraging and provide a positive learning experience for all.
Words of Wisdom
This Member is responsible for sharing a final pithy quotation or thoughtful closing word for members to ponder throughout the day.
If you are not participating as a functionary, your role as a member is to participate actively and enthusiastically in all other aspects of the meeting. Please participate in Table Topics if requested, listen attentively to all speakers, and provide thoughtful written evaluations of the formal speakers.
Fines are attached to infractions and payment is on the honor system (we pass a can around.) The maximum fine per day is $1.00 (50 cent maximum on all infractions plus 50 cents for being late.) Guests are exempt from paying fines. Fine payments go towards the cost of our two annual parties. (December and June)
Agenda Timer's Worksheet Ballots President's Worksheet
Table Topics Master Worksheet Induction Ceremony Toastmaster Worksheet Speaker Worksheet
Induction Ceremony VP Membership General Evaluator Worksheet Speaker Evaluation Form Sergeant-At-Arms Worksheet
Grammarian Worksheet Guest Sign-in Sheet
We meet at Dobson Ranch Restaurant, 2155 S. Dobson Road Phone: 480-644-2600 Friday Mornings from 6:30 AM until 8:00 AM
We are Club #4705 [Area:S1 Division: Saguaro District:3 Region: 10] of Toastmasters International. Dobson Ranch Toastmasters is an Open Toastmasters Cub.