Personal Growth Never Ends
The ability to communicate is something we all have in common, but how we present ourselves through communication can either make or break us in the eyes and ears of our peers. It is our pleasure to help others see their own strengths and, when necessary, open up the doorway of better communication techniques, encouraging them to take the baton of self-improvement when they are ready. There are few experts in this art, so we must learn and grow from those around us. Instructional organizations, such as Toastmasters, help individuals by improving the abilities we already have.
Some of our members are good writers, storytellers, actors, poets, thinkers, motivators, etc. and we all learn from one another to perfect our own communicational niche. Unfortunately, some people (even those who appear educated) don't believe that proper, clear and concise communication is important. They often lose themselves in the quagmire of "ums", "ahs", "you knows", or the stark misconception that they can do no wrong. It has been said that no one can be all things to all people, but such presumptions have not stopped some from trying.
Knowledge and the ability to learn does not stop when one completes their in class studies, it's a lifelong process. We applaud all who have followed the path of classrooms and universities, but they are only the first steps to what can be a long path of opportunity and growth... they are by no means the end.
When one can no longer see that everyone they meet and everything they do, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, gives opportunities for improvement, they sow the seeds of stagnation by suspending the ability for self-improvement. Unfortunately, many come to this realization too late to have it dramatically improve their personal life -monetarily, spiritually, or emotionally.
Ask yourself if you need to improve yourself in any way. If you answer yes, then do something about it. You must make the change. Start Today.
We meet at Dobson Ranch Restaurant, 2155 S. Dobson Road Phone: 480-644-2600 Friday Mornings from 6:30 AM until 8:00 AM
We are Club #4705 [Area:S1 Division: Saguaro District:3 Region: 10] of Toastmasters International. Dobson Ranch Toastmasters is an Open Toastmasters Cub.